Women Have All The Power….

but they just don’t know how to use it!

  1. Yes women have all the power, but the sad thing is they don’t know how to use it because they let their feelings get in the way of it! Now before you go and judge me, this article or the way I write or miss spell words….listen first before you make every excuse to tell yourself I don’t know what I am talking about! Just listen with a open mind and you just might learn something on how to gain your power back! Now first of all you have to think logically like most men do, I know that’s hard for women because like I said, most women think with there feelings instead of their brains! It’s not a bad thing it is just the way you women were made so you have to deal with it! But like anything else you can be taught to think more logically then with your feelings. Now my first questions do you think most people can be taught and can do anything that they put their mind too? If you answered yes then keep reading and if you answered you probably is not going to get this so why waste your time? Because everything I say you will probably have an excuse for so why put yourself though the headache of listening to something that you totally will disagree with?
  2. For those of you women who are sick in tired of being cheated on and missed used and abuse by men for whatever reason, this is something that you will want to make yourself learn so you can stop the madness of letting men control your every move do to the fact that you love him and he knows that and he uses it against you ever single chance he gets!! He do just enough to get you piss off enough to think about leaving him but he knows everything right to say or to do to make you stay!! He has control over your feelings and he knows it! He knows that you love him and he may love you as well, but he knows that he has the upper hand because you have let him get away with things that other strong women wouldn’t!! Its simple as that! See women have all the power but men know how to control that power, by playing on and taking advantage of a women’a feelings! And this doesn’t have to be just a man and woman’s issue it will apply to any type of lover’s! Straight or gay! The bottom line is feelings and your better have will play on them and probably has more times then you can count them right?
  3. Why women have all the power?
  4. Well let me asked every single female that is over 18 years of age that reading this as I speak! What is the one thing boys and men have wanted from you since you were at least 12 years old? You shouldn’t have to really think about this, but if you want to act clueless let me spell it out for you…your P. U. S. S. Y.! Yes what’s between your legs, and before you can remember anything as you became into your teens years and bet you remember how just about if not all men that you came across that was not related to you wanted to have sex with you! And some of you even had men how were related to you try to have sex with you, ya its sick but it happens! So first of all you have to agree with what I am saying before you can move on, and if you don’t agree you once again probably should stop reading this!
  5. Ok if your still reading so, as you have come into adult hood you have found out one thing is true, 99.9% of the men that you meet want one thing for you and one thing only and that is what is between your legs….correct? So why haven’t you or maybe you have said but just didn’t act on it, if all that is what men want why not make it work to may advantage? See Im sure unless you got lucky and married your high school sweetheart their all a lot of women in the world who men has just had sex with and you never heard or seen him again and if you did all he wanted from you was more sex! Right? But if the sex was good to you, you wanted more from him because your feelings…their goes that word again..where involved correct? Ya I know you can say that he made you laugh, and he was nice or what ever you want to say that will make you feel better but the bottom line all he wanted you for was for sex. So for those women who are tried of being use for sex, listen up because what I am about to share with you will change your life and have men eating out of your hands for now on!
  6. Now if you believe anyone can be taught anything, then you have to believe that your man or any man that’s not even yours can be taught anything as well right? You just have to know how to teach them right? So start teaching! Ok now I said everything I said just now to say this here, women have all the power and the power is between their legs and women are just too naive to realize that or too soft hearted because they let their feelings get in the way or they just don’t know it point blank! I mean as a women knowing that men would actually pay you big money just to have sex with you is not enough evidence that what you have between your legs is very very POWERFUL!! And if used right could change your life forever!! You never thought about that? Well I want you to think about it now because for a guy who have steady women and their bodies for the past 30 years, I think I know a little bit about women, not to mention I have slept with so many 12 of them asked me to married them! So I just might know a little something correct? Believe me I know a lot but the one thing women have to do is too stop listening to their girlfriends about men! The only way to know about men is to study them and I men learn everything you can about them from head to toe and you will be on top of their game and will be able to play it a lot better then they do!
  7. How can women use there power to there advantage?
  8. Well here comes the tricky part and I say that because most women let their feelings get in the way when once they fall in love with a man! Ya most women love hard and when they do that, they are leaving themselves open to be drug though the mud and to eventually heart broken! It’s happens more times then none so you know that I am telling the truth! So the first thing a female has to teach herself is to separate her emotional feelings with her brains common sense! Yes it can be done but it won’t happen over night! See men know women have the same traits and men have the same traits and that is why men do things similar and like the same kind of things other men like and women so the same thing. See its all a game and if you have been single for any length of time you know what I am saying is true! It’s a game that men of today are winning big over women and that is because women let their feelings get in the way when it comes to the power of good sex and letting men fill there heads with a bunch of lies and crap that men know that most women want to hear! Its true!! And women fall for it time and time again! And women will use that excuse, well its because I love him and I can’t help it, yes you can and if you ever survived a hard break up, you know you said to yourself man how did I ever get though that once you look back on it but the main thing is you did it right? So first you must stop with the excuses and learn to think with your brain and not with your heart! Because if you don’t that little heart of yours can only take so much abuse don’t you agree?
  9. Ok so what should women do first to win back their power?
  10. First thing a women can do that would make any man that is not treating them right or if a women want a men to do anything for them is to…..KEEP HER LEGS CLOSED!!
  11. Now if you are a female that is reading this and your man is not treating you right or if you want to see a change in what he is doing, just stop having sex with him! Now before I continue let me just say that most women wouldn’t dare stop having sex with their man because she is too afraid that he will go someplace else and get it, but let me tell you women something if you feel that way your man is or has probably already got some sex from someplace else and you just don’t know about it! Or maybe you have suspicion that he may have and rather you want to believe it on not there is nothing you can do about it because you CANNOT control what another human being does you can only control what you do!! Ya and you can asked all of them women who have tried to change their man once they got with him, did it work and I can put all the money I own that it did not work! Am I right ladies who have tried?
  12. See you cannot change anyone but yourself so stop trying and worrying about what your man is doing or might do! I know the dick may be good but there is better dick in the see if it comes down to it…trust me! So the first thing you must do to start learning how to use your power is to start denying your man if you have one SEX! Yes tell him that you don’t feel like it, tell him that you don’t feel like he is treating you like you should be treated and because of that he does not get any sex!! Now I know you may want the sex even more then he does but you have to be strong like most women are when it comes to things like this! See if a man breaks a women heart she will close them legs for years before she open them bad boys back up and thats because she knows with all of her intimate feeling are and come from and this is from what she has in between her legs!! So with that said the power of good sex is very real now isn’t? If your man wants sex with you all the time, then you have to say to yourself that you must have some good stuff because he is aways trying to be up in it right?
  13. So with that said you have to learn how to teach yourself to say know! If you have been asking him to do something and he just can’t seem to get around it, lock up on the sex and see if he does it! If that doesn’t work then he is probably getting if from someplace else anyway so why continue to give him yours, because if he is messing around he might being you back something that you don’t want anyway right? Make sense? But if you have a man and he cares for you I will guarantee you that if you take the sex away he will start cleaning up his act!! If you don’t believe me give it a try and just remember if he doesn’t change he is 9 times out of 10 sleeping with someone else and you provably already know it! Bottom line just try it and see what happens! You must learn to use your power ladies and you must learn to separate your emotional feelings from your brain logical feeling! Once you start practicing that, watch how your interactions with men start to change. ALL women must realize they they have with men want and as long as you use what men want correctly you will have them eating out of the palms of your hands day in and day out! I will teach you how to have any man, respecting you, treating you like the queen that you are and have him looking for you in the day time with a flashlight!;-)lol Just because you know how to use your POWER!;)
  14. Now this is just the tip of the ice berg so if you are single and you want to learn how have control over every macho man that you come in contact with, I want you to email me and let me know! Before I continue on with this I want to see just how many women are willing to give this a try and how many believe what I am saying and would like to learn more on how to use their power! Just remember you have to be taught like anything else and I am willing to teach you if you want to learn but I need your comments and feed back to continue so let me know and thanks for reading this first part of….THE WOMEN HAVE ALL THE POWER, but they just don’t know how to use it! Email me at:thepowerofgoodsex@gmail.com and/or comment below and leave  your thoughts and inputs ok. Thanks again….Keith

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