Top 5 Reasons Why Men Lie To Women!


1. They have too – You know most women would say that guys don’t have to lie to them, but if women really sit back and think to themselves when were they ever attracted to a guy that did not lie to them? If you be honest with yourself you would say you know what he may just have a point! Men lie to women because they have too, not because the want to or they just don’t have anything better to do! Think about it, how much sense is it for a guy to lie for nothing? It’s because if they didn’t they never would get any sex!! And we all know its all about the sex!;-) Woman want them to tell them what they want to hear so they have to lie! If telling the truth would get women, all men would be telling the truth! I mean you women don’t ever sit back and say to yourself, all of these men lie…their has to be a reason why…right? LYING GETS WOMEN!! You women make it like that, if you really think about it men are the chasers, at least they should be. So they will do anything to get what they are chasing right? So if telling the truth would get them what they want, do you think men would be telling the truth? 110% YES!! And lying is why gets them what they want! Don’t get mad at me, I did start this you women did years and years ago!;-) Keep reading….

2. To Impress – See women want to be impress, this is why they fall out and scream for singers, movie stars and other guys that are not just regular everyday guys. They are impressed by them so an advantage guy knows that he has to compete with that and he has to impress a women so by lying to her she would be impress with him. Guys figure they have to be someone other then their boring selves so they lie. And by doing that it works, because men have been lying to women for decades and it’s only because of one reason…..IT WORKS!!

3. Most women live in Fantasy World – Knight and Shining Armor
See most women have been brought up into this barbie fantasy world where they think when they grow up and get older that this Knight and Shining Armor is going and come and recuse them and 99.9% of the time it never happens, and why it never happens, its because its a fairytale and not reality! the sad part is from a little girl they believe that, and it carries on into they adult life and this is what they are looking for! So guys know this and they become or try to become this Knight and Shining Armor that he knows, she grew up trying to find. So he knows he has to be something hes not so he lies!

4. He is too boring – Most men know that they have to impress women to get next to them or to even get any kind of conversation from them. He knows that if he can impress her enough he might be able to get in between her legs, and he knows that he could never do that working at Mac Donalds or with some boring job. He knows that he is boring so he has to change that or make himself look more attractive by lying. So he lie about his car, job, career, where he lives any and every thing he can because he knows if she knew how boring, his life really is he wouldn’t have no chance at all of getting her attention!

5. Women would rather hear a lie, instead of the truth!
Now this is something I’m sure 99.9% of the women would say that I am dead wrong. But let me just say this to the women, don’t you think that if their was any other way besides what men do to get you, they would? So do you really think that majority of the men that lie to women do it because they don’t have anything else to do? Hell No!! My question is if you are woman reading this, do you ever stop and think to yourself why almost every guy you have met have lied to you in some shape of form? Well if not all women should because you set the standard of why most men are lairs!! If women really wanted men to tell them the truth, guess what…men would be start telling them the truth! Deep down you really want them to tell you what you want to hear, so guess what….that is what men do!

Summary – See women set the standard on how men act towards them and because women let men get away with just everything they say and do, men continue to do whatever they can get away with! See men are the chasers and women chooses the man and man doesn’t chose the woman! At least it use to be like that, and until women learn how to changing the way men treat and act toward them it will always be like that!

Good News Women – I am now in the process of writing a book that will show you have to find out if a man is a cheater and how you can control everything he does! Yes always remember you have power and its in between you legs, and if you learn how to use what every man that you have met since you were a teenager, you will never have to worry about a man lying and/or disrespecting you ever again!

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