The Powerful Erection


There is a book that is being written right now about a story of a guy who found out how powerful his erection was and received¬† money, gifts, cars, a condo and live a life that most guys couldn’t even dream of because of the power of his erection. This is a power that most women don’t even know some men has over them, he found out that most women fall in love with a man’s powerful erection especially if he knows how to use it, before she falls in love with the man himself. She falls in love with the feelings that he gives her! Just think about it, what is one of the first thing happens when a relationship starts? SEX, and plenty of it!

And good sex will make a woman do things she wouldn’t normally dream of doing, but it’s that unbelievable good sex and his powerful erection that she would travel miles to get, spend her money on, put up with him cheating and misusing her, tell all her friends about and even kill for if she has too! It’s that feeling that she receives, lusts for and she never wants that good feeling to ever stop! She may not even know that she is in love with the way he makes her feel and not him, all she knows is she doesn’t ever want to not come down off of that cloud! Which let’s him know that the powerful erection is real and can be deadly if your no careful in how a man uses it! Good Sex is like a drug that a lot of people have a hard time kicking once they get a good taste of it!

Stay turn the book is coming soon!! If you are a man or a woman who has done some crazy things behind some unbelievable sex, please share your story(s) with us. Myself and our viewers, would love to hear about them!;-)

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