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As a guy who have found more G-spots that you can image, here is some ligature on how you can find yours! I will be making a post to show…the 5 things woman must do before her G-Spot is found! Most of the time when the g-spot of a women is found its by pure luck. And if she is having sex and it happens for the first time the female is sometimes embarrass by it, because she thinks she is peeing.

But she simply doesn’t, know what is going on with her body. But she do know that it damn sure felt good!:-) Stay tune for more on this subject. I will also say that their are more and more women experiencing the G-spot ejaculation these days, then almost 20 years ago when I first started searching for it!;-)

Every woman has a g-spot. Even you.
The g-spot has become a very chic thing to talk about lately, and for good reason. It’s the latest, greatest thing! It was medically “discovered” a little over 50 years ago by our buddy Dr. Grafenberg — hence, “G” spot. However, it’s also time-tested. Sensations and phenomena surrounding the g-spot (including but not limited to female ejaculation) have been documented for thousands of years, by a multitude of cultures. Your g-spot is not a myth, and it ’s worth finding out about.

What is it?
The g-spot is often referred to as the “female prostate,” and it is that, along with a network of sensitive erectile tissue around it. Most basically, the prostate is your urethral sponge. The urethra is the teensy tube you pee out of, and the spongy tissue surrounding that tube is, um, your urethral sponge. If you’ve ever been mid-intercourse, felt like you had to pee, stopped everything, went to go pee . . . and couldn’t — that’s your g-spot. Believe it or not, once you relax about wetting the bed, that sensation can be quite pleasurable.

How do I get to it?
Most women’s g-spots can be found about an inch or two into the vagina, against the front wall. Your g-spot is not in your vagina, but instead can be felt through it. If you are laying on your back and someone (whom you like, of course) were to put a finger inside you and do the “come here” motion, that would most likely hit it. Unless you’re not turned on. It’s much easier to find your g-spot if you’re aroused and everything in the genital area is already swollen, excited, and pronounced. Sound familiar? Yep, women have their own type of erections! So just try to enjoy yourself, and be patient.

One of the primary reasons sexually experienced women are unaware of their g-spots is that intercourse is not always the most reliable way to stimulate it.Because most men’s penises are not curved, the g-spot often gets bypassed during sex. Positions good for g-spot action include:

– a modified from-behind with your head down and booty in the air
– on your back with your legs up against your chest
– lady-on-top so that you can control the angle of penetration

That said, it’s still unlikely that you’ll get quality g-spotting with intercourse alone, especially if you’re a novice. Tools you can use to find and stimulate your g-spot include fingers. (It will probably be easier for your sweetheart’s fingers than yours.) To the touch, the g-spot generally feels spongy and with a little more ribbed texture than the rest of the vaginal canal. If you’re trying to find your own g-spot, either alone or with a partner, be sure to use firm pressure.

In addition to fingers, there are a variety of sex toys. Rather than a straight-up dildo, use one with a conspicuous curve. A g boutique favorite for g-spotting, Kegel exercising, and all-around vaginal strengthening and discovery is the Magic Banana. You don’t necessarily need a vibrating toy to excite your g-spot, but a little vibration can’t hurt to get the rest of your anatomy going “down there.” Two of our favorites for just finding ye olde g-spot are the Slimline G and the bswish bgee. If you want a little more texture, sensation, and cuteness, use the silicone Worm. Toys like the Beehive vibrate and have a tilt-a-whirl g-spotting head, and the multi-action Rabbit Pearl has a clit-tickler, rotating pearls to stimulate the entrance to the vagina, and a gyrating head for your g-spot!

Female Ejaculation

I think I peed!!!
All women have the capacity to ejaculate. It isn’t always a dramatic squirting or pouring-out; frequently women will mistake their ejaculate for an abundance of vaginal lubrication or for urine. Sometimes women will even ejaculate retrograde, into the bladder! Wow!

The reason you might worry that you’ve peed is because you’re ejaculating through your urethra, which is where urine also comes out of. It can be a similar sensation, but rest assured it is not peeing. Remember that in men, both ejaculate and urine are expelled through the urethra, yet they are different fluids. While urine is waste that is stored in the bladder, female ejaculate is “manufactured” by your g-spot during arousal and stimulation. It’s predominantly prostatic fluid mixed with glucose and trace amounts of urine (which gets in there because it’s already hanging out in the urethra). It’s usually a clear liquid with a consistency similar to a light, watery lubricant. The taste and smell vary along the menstrual cycle, ranging from fresh-n-fruity to salty to earthy. Women can expel anywhere from a few tablespoons to close to a cup of ejaculate in one g-spotting session. Put down a towel and have a good time. It’s natural, okay? For more detailed info on this phenomenon, check out Deborah Sundahl’s book Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot or her video by the same name.


Relax, already. Your g-spot is a great thing, it’s true. It can also be elusive, frustrating, and maybe even disappointing. Maybe you find it, have those amazing, unique-to-the-g-spot orgasms, and your life is changed forever! Or maybe you never find it. Maybe you do find it and it’s not your thing. Maybe you find it, don’t like it, then re-discover it 10 years later and it turns out you’ve developed a taste for it . . . like olives!

Well, all of those are great and perfectly normal ways to experience your sexuality. It’s your body, and only you know what feels right for it. Either way, the g-spot’s not the be-all, end-all of sexual satisfaction for everyone. It’s just another option. And we love options. If you have never squirted or had muitlpel orgams before and would like to learn how too…If you live in Las Vegas or are coming this way email me at: and change the way you have sex 1000% better for the rest of your life!


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