Why do men cheat?

Well simply put its because THEY CAN AND THEY THINK WOMEN ARE STUPID!! Yep that’s it! Most men know they can and/or think that they can get away with cheating, and if they ever got caught there stupid woman that they are with would stay with him as long as he denies it and/or say he is sorry! See this is another reason why men think most if not all women are stupid and do not respect them, because they think with their feelings and if they love a man, he can damn near murdered her and she will stick right their by his side! And do you want to know why men think like that? Because men have been doing it and getting away with it for so long they have just pass it down from generation to generation! Yes unlike women, men talk and when they do they talk logically to make sense, they don’t make up a bunch of false excuse why, because men will call each other out when they are being full of it! Not like women who are friends with each other they might not say anything because they don’t want to hurt one another feelings! But women should learn to in fact hurt each other feelings, be real, honest and let each other
know what to do and what not to do when it comes to dealing with men!

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