The Real Reason Females Get Cheated On And Raped These Days!!

Waning Expletive Content!!

Well I know this will be flagged because you dumb stupid females NEVER want to hear the truth and this is why you are all so fucked up these days!! First of all, all you females think the same way and want the same cute guy or guys!! And secondly you dont EVER learn from your mistakes, you just keep doing the same dumb stupid shit with every guy you meet!! Why is it that it doesnt make you stupid females any difference how a guy is if he looks good?? I mean the guy could be a rapist, murderer, child molester women beater or just a total piece of shit, and if he looks good you will sleep with him without even knowing his name!! WHY?? What is that about?? And then most of you so damn stupid that you will bring this cute looking guy around your kids so he can molester them!! What is wrong with you dumb stupid horny sick ass ignorant females!! These kids dont have a chance these days because of the stupid parents!! Do any of you have a fucking brain that you will use on your own?? I mean you were born with one you know?? Why is looks so damn important that you will lose you life for and put your kids in harms way for??

I mean you females are so damn stupid that you will fuck this cute guy move him in and treat him like he is the best thing that ever happen to you just base on his looks!! WTF?? And then when he start showing that he is a cheater or a women beater your dumb asses turn into Dick Tracy the number one spy!! Why come your dumb ass did not do that before you cocked your legs open?? He looked ok right? And when he rapes your ass, then you wondering why?? He was a rapist before he met your dumb ass, you were just too stupid like most females to check him out!! WTF??

Ya i know you will say that I have mother issues, I hate women, I hate myself, Im all screwed up, what is the fuck wrong with him, he is fucked up and you will do everything in your power to not deal with the true and start thinking before you do shit!! Do you realize how many women get raped in this world because of the stupid shit that THEY DID?? I mean that don’t bother you stupid women?? Why do men disrespect you so much? Why….BECAUSE OF THE WAY YOU THINK, DO THINGS AND THE DECISONS THAT YOU MAKE!! And there is nothing i can say here to make you change that is their? You will keep doing the same dumb stupid shit, keep getting raped, cheating on and treated like shit for the rest of your lives wont you???

Now my major problem is I can’t find a female these days with half a brain!! Its like all you are good for is to fuck and go to the next and hope you can find one that can at least hold a decent conversation and that is VERY VERY HARD too do these days!!
Meanwhile you are still being cheated on and treated like dirt on the daily!! And you hate, lie and cheat on each other like its ok!! You dumb stupid females don’t do anything but compete with each other and stab each other in the back and that is one of the MAIN REASONS guys dog your dumb asses out on the daily!! You stupid females will sleep with a married man and you know he is married!! You dumb dummies got the pussies!! You have what men will pay you for and you don’t have sense enough to control men with what you have!! You let your emotions fuck your whole thinking process up and all of your feelings is between your fucking legs!!

So learn to keep your legs close like you do when some piece of shit have hurt you!! You will go months and even years without fucking which is the dumbest stupidest shit ever because you are letting someone who is not even with you any longer control your life and you are too stupid to even see that learn from it and move on with your life! Smh But after that hurt is over you right back doing that same dumb shit you did before with the next guy….WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK!!

I say all of this because one again i would like to find a female who don’t think like the rest of the dumb stupid females, but looks like i will have to leave this country to do that! Secondly I truly just FEEL SORRY FOR YOU FEMALES AND CAN’T GET YOU TO THINK NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU!! All i can do is to shake my head!! Smh

Ps. Before you email me and tell me not to be mad because females don’t want me anymore think about this! We live in Las Vegas and their are 20 THOUSAND FEMALES who come here everyday looking to fuck have fun and even find love! So all i have to do is to get dress and go walk around the strip and pussy is everywhere that i can fuck because i have done it plenty of times!! So stick to the real issues…PLEASE!! You dumb females always got something bad to say about someone else and your dumb ass is sitting their in love while a guy who if fucking your dumb ass if out right now fucking other females that you KNOW ABOUT!! Smh

STOP!! Why are you flagging this?? You dont want to hear the truth?? Ya most dumb stupid ass females dont!! Smh Why do you think lie to your dumb asses……ALL THE FUCKING TIME?? You too stupid to change and i am so sick of meeting you stupid ass women!! What the fuck??

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