80% of All Females Fake Orgasms!

Most guys are nothing but horny pigs that only think about themselves doing sex!! Their are a lot of females who are frustrated with guys that they would rather please themselves and that is sad!! And their are a lot of females who has never had an orgasm in their life, or had one that really made them feel like a women that really pleases them!! I have met females that are in their 40’s and 50’s who has never had multiple orgasms before or has never squirted before and believes that they could never even do something like that!! Seriously??

If you are a female who has never been pleased the way you want or has never had an orgasms, had multiple orgasms and have never squirted before, for whatever reason…we really need to talk!! Most guys just luck up and make a female cum, if they make her cum at all!! Guys don’t understand that it’s the foreplay that gets a female ready! You have to make love to her mind first!! You have to take your time and get her completely relax…FIRST!! How many times have you been disappointed by a guy that you thought would fuck you good, but only turns out to let you down?? Physical attraction is important to any female, but physical mind attraction is much more important and these loser guys only want to get in get theirs and be done with it and he doesn’t even care about the female!

A female may hang around and hope that he may someday please her, but she usually ends up frustrated and has to find other ways to be pleases and that is usually pleasing herself but a mans touch and a mans body is what she really craves but is disappointed more times then she want’s to admit!! Smh

If this is you, say hi! Stop thinking like the rest of these females and following behind these cute losers who doesn’t have a clue on how to please you and for once get with a real man that knows what he is doing, that won’t pressure you into anything, and will show you how to have the best sex of your life every single time you have sex, no matter how lame the guy is!! Yes it can happen!! It’s your body and you can control how much you can make it cum as much as you want. But you just need to be showed how to do it!! It’s all in the mind, and not like a lot of these losers I can show you how to do it…..GUARANTEED!!

Now i am not some pervert who is just looking to get laid! I have 100 of tapes that i can show you that i have been invoked with that will prove that I know what I am doing! I have made females cum from just the sound of my voice!! And yes i have it on tape!! This is real, so if your not real and/or you only on here to waste time, please do not contact me!! Just keep doing what you have been doing, its been working out for you this far right?? All others females…say hi and start having the best sex you can have for the rest of your life!!

Ps. This is something that I have studied and done for over 20 years! I am in my 40’s and I am better at it now then i ever been, and it still amazes me how i still find females young and older then myself who has never had an orgasm, never squirted or had multiple orgasms!! Seriously?? And if you are a female who has had a guy make you cum good at one time but you haven’t been able to find another guy to do it, and you think he will be the best you will ever have…then please let me prove how wrong you are so you can go out and find 10 times better sex with someone then this guy you think is the best you will ever have!!

Their is no need to hang onto him or that thought any longer!! Trust me!!! If you are a female living in Vegas or cumming to Vegas, leave a comment!

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