8 Sex Tips Every Guy Should Know


 – You may have heard about the husband that sparked a polarizing debate when he sent his wife a spreadsheet of all the excuses she had used to get out of sex. Maybe if he had seen this he wouldn’t have needed that spreadsheet! Bottom line like a lot of women she is not being pleased, so they get fad up and stop having sex with you and these days a lot of women our finding sex partners else where!

Will that happen to you? Well here is something that will help you Mr. I know what I’m doing, and if you take heed and swallow your pride a little you just might learn something!

8. Learn how to use your hands!
If you learn how to be gentle and listen to her body, your hands could make her cum and have her body extra hot and ready before any penetration starts.

7. Be spontaneous.
Why stick to the bedroom? The kitchen can get pretty hot too and the car, outside, anywhere that turns her on! If it’s ok with her it should be ok with you!

6. Use your tongue.
If you have a small penis, you must learn how to use your tongue! Most women love oral sex, but they hate it when I guy doesn’t know how to eat her! Hint, always start slow with her clitoris, if you don’t know what that is look it up….nice soft tongue circular action and soft sucks on it should get her going. Don’t worry if you are doing it right her body will let you know so take your time and pay attention! And if she wants more she will be trying to bury your head in between her legs!

5. Learn to slow down and take your time!!
Their is no fire that needs to be put out but hers and she wants you to put it out nice and slow and the longer you take to put out her fire the more she is going to enjoy it!! One thing men need to learn to do is to take their time and be more concern about her pleasure then their own!! That can be taught and every guy needs to learn it! If would help their sex life 200%! You must learn to take your time, listen to her body and find out what it likes!

4. Share who takes control.
Most women would love for a man to take control and make her feel like the special woman she is to him, that if he knows what he is doing! If not, she just might man handle you and show you how its done! If guys would just learn how to read a woman’s body and learn how to please her, should would then let you do all the work and take her places that she never been before! But if she wants to take control by all means, let her and pay attention to what she does so you will know what she likes!


3. Bring some ice into the bedroom.
And bring some toys if she is into that! A lot of women like to play with their toys by themselves but their are a lot of them  that will be willing to share in the toy playing games! Hey if her dick vibrator is bigger then your dick then don’t get upset, just roll with it and let her have her fun. Don’t be intimated, remember you are there to please her so swallow your man pride and join in the fun, because if you don’t she will have her fun without you, and her and her bigger then yours will have their own fun!;-) Trust that!

2. Sleep naked.
One of that best things a guy can do after the first round and he knows that he has pleased her is to being lying naked next to her, slowly wake her up with your powerful erection and give it to her good all over again!! She will luv you even more in the morning!

1. Good
Making sure you wash your azz, make sure that your breath is fresh and your body is super clean and smelling good, that is a turn on to most women right off the bat! So check yourself before having sex!.

And a bonus tip: Don’t miss the book that is now being written that will teach you how to make her have multiple orgams, squirt and cum until she almost passes out each and every time you have sex with her! It can happen if you are willing to learn and if you learn it, you will have her and every woman you sleep with after under your powerful erection control and they will do things that you never thought that would to have you sleep with them again!


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