5 Crucial Mistakes Women Make Upon Break Up!

1. The give up on themselves – Ever heard the term that if you don’t love yourself nobody else can? Well believe it or not its true. Yes It may hurt but you have to pick yourself up and keep moving. You can’t let him see you down and feeling sorry for yourself, because that gives him a reason to say yep I knew she wasn’t good enough for me, or I made the right choice by letting her go!

2. Gaining weight – Now here is a touching one. Yes a lot of women do turn to food upon a heart break and it really messing them up physically and mentally! See gaining weight will only help to bring your self esteem down if further then it already is. So why make yourself more miserable then you already are? Remember food is not your friend and it will make you feel really bad about yourself! Solution -Turn that around and really start taking care of yourself!

Tell yourself that the next time your ex sees you his mouth will drop to the floor! Make him think to himself damn maybe i made a mistake! See physical appearance is very important to a guy, and if he says that its not, he is lying! If it wasn’t important then guys wouldn’t be spending so much time and money in those strip clubs! Ever seen a strip club with big over weight women in them? I don’t think so!

3. Cutting themselves off from other men – Ya I know you may think that he was the best sex you will ever have, but I am hear to tell you that you are dead wrong! Their is a guy out in the world that can make you feel better then your ex did in bed, but how would you know that if you don’t give another a guy a chance? Why sit their and make every excuse their is not to talk to someone else? How would you know if their is a better dick out there if you don’t try one or two of them?

Ya you can do it, just be safe about it. I tell you if you give yourself a chance you will find and bigger and better dick and well as a better lover! I know women that have lock their pussies down for 8 years or more behind a guy hurting them!! That is insane!! YOU CANNOT GET THEM YEARS BACK!! This is your life we are talking about here! So do you dare let some loser that you know you probably shouldn’t have been with in the first place stop your life!! You are better then that and remember life goes on! Learn from your mistake and move on. Ya I know its easier said then done, but do you think he is sitting around mooping? He has girls running in and out of his bedroom I guarantee you! So why should you let him win and stop you from living your life?

Get back out their and start back talking to guys and just learn from your last mistake. Find that good dick because if you look around their are billions of men out their and you will find that one that will turn your world upside down and he will be the right one….if you play it right! I will tell you more about that in my….how to find and keep and good man segment!;-)

4. Going back time and time again when its over – Again alot of women will go back to their ex’s because the sex is good, and they feel that he is something that she has already had so she says oh what the hell. Not to mention she still loves him. But tell me this, when have it ever gotten better by going back? The same problems are still their and always will be and that is way you broke up in the first place…RIGHT? So why are you letting him string you along and make nothing more then a booty call out of you? The lies and the rest of that crap he is doing will continue and most likely get worst! But you say….but I love him, ya but do he love you or do he just want you for sex when his other females are not available?

You know the answer to that but you don’t want to face the true facts! So why continue to let him play with your feeling and treat you like a puppet on a string? If it didn’t work the first time, it won’t work the second third and forth, now matter how much you love him and want to make it work. LET IT GO!! Life goes on. You knew he was a bum when you met him so respect and love yourself enough to stop being misused and abused!

5. Blaming him or yourself for everything – Looks it take two to tangle right? So why sit back and blame yourself for everything that made the relationship not work? It’s not your fought or is it his fought, it just didn’t work out! If he cheated on you then their may have been a reason for it, but you CANNOT Control with another person does! So if that was the case you will lose your mind trying to figure out why and you won’t ever figure that out because you are not in some else’s brain! You have to be reasonable and say it happen for a reason and its time for me to just move on with my life! Laying in the bed crying and wondering why its the wrong approach! It’s life and shit happens, I’m not trying to be cruel but I’m sure you had signs not to mess with him, in the first place and if he did cheat on you, I’m sure you felt that he may long before he did. So next time listen to that voice inside your stomach and use your inter voice, because we all are born with that sense of what to do and what not to do and if you listen to it, it will never let you down.


Summary –¬† These are just some of the few things women do after a break up. If any of these hit home then you really need to listen pick yourself up and move on with your life. Yes it can be done and love will truly find a way to your heart again if you let it. Life is full of learning lessons so just let that one be one of yours¬† and learn what not to do or what to do from it, the next time it happens! Good luck and look out for my new book that will help you with handling relationships and how you can have ANY man eating out of the palm of your hands and how you can get him to do any and everything you want him too. Not because he is less then a man, but because you have the power and you know how to you it! Thanks for readying this. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please email us at:thepowerofgoodsex@gmail.com

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